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Dr. Soleymani and his staff (especially Kim!) are the best! I had to have three teeth extracted and then wait six months for dental implants. I'm telling you, he is amazing! It's like going to a high-end concierge Periodontist. They tell you what to expect, how long it will take, they organize your prescriptions and get everything ready before you even have the procedure. Dr. Soleymani is very kind, very polite, professional, well-mannered and SMART. I've never written a review on Yelp before but because I like them so much, I really wanted to. If you need a periodontist, call this office. I actually looked forward to going there. By the way, my teeth look amazing!
Posted By: Maureen B.
Beverly Hills Periodontics & Dental Implant Center is the best place for dental chickens like me. It starts with the front desk, Kim is amazing. She is super friendly and she breaks down the cost of everything so that there are no surprises. When she's not at the front desk, the other ladies are professional and equally as friendly. As for Dr. Soleymani, all I can say is thank you! My mouth is healthier than it has been in years. I was so intimidated by the entire implant procedure, but your patience in explaining every step and your caring demeanor quickly erased all of my apprehensions. Thank you again for giving me my smile back!
Posted By: Gloria L.
Dr. Soleymani is an amazing periodontist. He did 2 implants when I was told in the past that it would not be possible. He. Kim and the entire staff are extremely caring and very thorough. He is gentle, caring and exceptionally skilled. I am thankful for the treatments I have received from him.
Posted By: Jane D
Dr. Soleymani is a caring, concerned professional who takes the extra steps from beginning (consultation) to end (post-procedure follow up) to ensure the patient is fully informed, as comfortable as possible, and not burdened with anything other than following the Doctor's orders. Wonder of wonders in this day and age, Dr. Soleymani makes it a point to personally follow up with his patients. When's the last time your doctor/dentist called you to find out how you were doing?? The office staff, especially Kim, are knowledgeable, cheerful and understanding. They take care of the details of scheduling, prescriptions, insurance, billing, etc., freeing the patient up to do nothing but heal.
I feel very fortunate to have been referred to Dr. Soleymani by my regular dental professional.
Thank you to all of you.
Posted By: Julie E.
I recently had surgery by Dr. Sulayman and I cant say enough great things about him. He was very warm and sat with me to answer my questions so patiently. I didnt feel rushed at all. The surgery went really well and I am very happy with the results.

The offices are clean and the front desk staff are very helpful,

Overall a great experience,
Posted By: Noorull
I needed a tooth implant in my left lower jaw and was truly apprehensive about the procedure. Dr. Soleymani and his wonderful staff put all my doubts to rest by first of all, thoroughly explaining the procedure to me, step by step. All my questions were answered in detail. My fears were all unfounded ... once I put myself in his competent hands, all nervousness vanished and truly, he is one of the kindest, gentlest periodontist I have ever met and will ever meet. My implant is in and I wonder now why I procrastinated so much?! Kim is just amazing and though I do not know the technicians, they reflect the same attitude as Dr. Soleymani. I would highly recommend him.
Posted By: Aban Commissariat
I was immediately impressed with how attentive and knowledgable the dr and his staff are (Kim the receptionist is so kind and quick to answer any questions via email or phone... Really just goes above and beyond). Dr soleymani looked at my case and provided a faster and much more affordable treatment plan for me than my doctor in Seattle had. I was eager to get the procedure done before the holidays and they fit me in the next week.

My implant procedure was quick and perfectly done by the dr and the recovery process has been smooth and relatively pain free.

I could not be happier with my results so far and highly recommend dr soleymani.
Posted By: Chloe B.
I just recently had the permanent crown placed on my implant and went to my final appointment check-up, and the doctor says I'm good to go! He just wants to see me in a year to make sure everything still looks good. I can honestly say that the world needs more doctors like Dr. Soleymani.
Posted By: Fereshteh F.
Dr. Soleymani and his staff are excellent. I had such a great experience here. I had a discoloration on my gum. It looked like there was food in between my teeth. Dr. Soleymani used a laser to remove the spot and after a few weeks of healing my gums look fabulous! The procedure did not hurt at all and he was so gentle with me. I could not ask for better. Besides the great success with my gums his staff is amazing. So nice and inviting, always making sure you are comfortable and asking if you need anything.
Posted By: Brittany A.
I had a large gap on the lower left area where there was two missing teeth. Dr. Soleymani did two dental implants for me back in 2005 with very little discomfort. I have had those implants eversince and they are doing great. He is very skilled at what he does.
Posted By: Juliet B.

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