A Dental Implant Specialist Los Angeles Patients Can Trust

A Dental Implant Specialist Los Angeles Patients Can Trust

Beautiful weather aside, few of us would describe Los Angeles as a particularly easy city to live in. Among other matters, it’s an appearance conscious place where dealing with such issues as missing teeth can be particularly difficult…though lost teeth have potentially serious health implications and are much more than a cosmetic issue. A dental implant specialist Los Angeles patients trust, Dr. Peiman Soleymani of Beverly Hills Periodontics & Dental Implant Center has helped a great many patients replace their missing teeth and restore their smiles through his demonstrated skill as an oral health care practitioner.

With his offices in Beverly Hills, Dr. Soleymani is known not only for his expertise performing successful implant procedures, he is also a leading Los Angeles periodontist with decades of experience treating gum disease and similar maladies. He has performed a range of procedures that ranges from the latest in laser surgery to crown lengthening and bone grafting.  The same skills also apply to the many implant procedure he performs, with patients consistently praising his skillful and gentle technique.

While obtaining dental implants is by far the best solution for missing teeth, in terms of both aesthetics and sheer convenience, it’s also clearly the best solution in terms of preventing bone loss, a potentially serious side-effect of missing teeth.  Even so, it makes sense to have this work performed by a specialist who is ahead of the curve when it comes to performing techniques successfully. Dr. Soleymani is a leader in the area dental community for his use of best practices and leading edge techniques, including the use of platelet rich fibrin. The technique offers better and faster healing thanks to growth factors obtained from the patient’s own blood.

If you are interested in obtaining periodontal care or Los Angeles dental implants, please call or contact us by e-mail today.

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