Soft Tissue Grafting

Soft Tissue Grafting in Los Angeles

Here at the Beverly Hills Periodontics &Dental Implant Center, our team of highly experienced and skilled professionals offers a number of invaluable services, including soft tissue grafting. What exactly does soft tissue grafting entail? Essentially, this is a procedure for people who people who have thin or recessed gum lines, which can make you more susceptible to gingivitis or periodontitis (bone loss). By restoring a healthy band of gum to cover up the roots, soft tissue grafting is not only a wonderful cosmetic solution but also an extremely important method of preserving the health of your teeth and gums.

Our board certified periodontist and dental implantologist, Dr. Peiman Soleymani, has performed this procedure countless times. With a sterling academic background, Dr. Soleyami is a faculty member at several prestigious schools and has authored a prominent work on the effects of nicotine on the healing of bone and bone grafting. If you are interested in learning more about soft tissue grafting, or about any of the services available here at the Beverly Hills Periodontics & Dental Implant Center, don’t hesitate to contact us directly with any questions or concerns that you might have.

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