Esthetic Crown Lengthening Los Angeles

Oftentimes, crown lengthening in Beverly Hills is performed in order to save teeth that would otherwise have to be extracted because of deep fracture or decay, leaving very little tooth structure above the gumline. The procedure lowers the gum line via the use of tiny incisions under local anesthesia. The tooth is then treated and spaced for the addition of a crown which protects the tooth. This is a minor treatment that can be done in one cosmetic dentistry procedure in Beverly Hills.

Dr. Peiman Soleymani of the Beverly Hills Periodontics and Dental Implant Center often performs this surgery for its cosmetic benefits. This esthetic crown lengthening in Los Angeles is a common and safe procedure that reshapes the gum line to benefit the patient’s smile. Uneven gum lines, small teeth, gummy smiles, dark metal linings under crowns, and other cosmetic dentistry concerns can be easily alleviated via esthetic crown lengthening in Los Angeles.

More importantly, esthetic crown lengthening in Los Angeles is much more conservative than veneers with very similar or even superior results in some cases. It doesn’t require tooth preparation, so it’s minimally invasive. Many consider it an instant cosmetic dentistry extreme makeover because it’s so quick and provides drastic results. Furthermore, lengthening can instantly relieve chronic dental pain caused by crowns that were perhaps placed too deeply relative to the hard and soft tissue structure.

Dr. Soleymani has been performing crown lengthening, bone grafts, and dental implants in Los Angeles as well as many other periodontal procedures since 1997. Moreover, he’s a current UCLA faculty member, has passion for academia, and is an active lecturer in the dental community. If you’d like to reshape your smile, contact the Beverly Hills Periodontics and Dental Implant Center for a consultation at 310-275-4606 or by navigating to

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