A Dental Implant Specialist Los Angeles Patients Trust their Smiles To

If you’ve ever had missing teeth and you live in Southern California, you might have some idea how important a dental implant specialist in  Los Angeles can be. Ask anyone who’s been in that predicament, there’s nothing good about dealing with lost teeth. Whether caused by poor oral health, a serious illness, or an accident, being afraid to smile or even open your mouth can lead to social isolation and depression – and that can be especially acute in one of the world’s most image-conscious locales. Every bit as bad, being unable to eat a great many foods can lead to poor nutrition. Even worse, missing or hopelessly compromised teeth are associated with gum disease which, in turn, can have a serious impact on a person’s overall health.

Fortunately, powerful solutions are now available. Dr. Peiman Soleymani of Beverly Hills Periodontics & Dental Implant Center has provided the finest in Los Angeles dental implants for years to people of all ages, and he is here to remind the public that implants are the preferred solution for missing or seriously compromised teeth for the large majority of patients. He adds that, while such traditional solutions as bridgework and dentures are definitely better than not doing anything, they do not address one of the most serious impacts of missing teeth: bone loss.

The reason for this is that dental implants literally replace the roots of missing teeth during a minor oral surgery. Over time, the bone fuses with the implants and they become, for all intents and purposes, identical to real teeth. The result is that bone loss stops while the patient enjoys the convenience of prosthetic teeth that look and perform just like the real thing.

Dr. Soleymani is a noted Los Angeles periodontist and implant specialist who has helped countless patients overcome the most difficult oral health challenges and obtain the attractive smiles they thought they would never see again. To find out more, contact our offices today by calling the phone number above. You can also reach out online by filling out the contact form on this page.

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