Dental Implants Can Help Improve or Maintain Jawbone Health

The maxillofacial region of the body includes the lower one-third of your face, such as the lips and chin, and most importantly, the jawbone. What many people think of when they envision themselves with missing teeth is the fact that they wouldn’t look the same. However, the most severe problem is the face that the jawbone often deteriorates with the passing of time, so dental implants in Los Angeles from Beverly Hills Periodontist and Dental Implants can help prevent bone loss, besides helping the mouth both look and feel great again with new, prosthetic teeth.

As the leading periodontist in Santa Monica, Beverly Hills Periodontist and Dental Implants is keenly aware of the problems that result from missing teeth. A person not only looks less like himself, but also has difficulty chewing and might suffer from malnutrition as a result of not being able to eat usually hard or crunchy fresh fruits and vegetables. For a person suffering from periodontal disease, Beverly Hills is the natural place to seek out for attention for these problems, to prevent bone loss and halt the problems that have caused you pain or embarrassment.

Remember that if you are considering dental implants to replace your missing teeth, you’re also saving or maintaining the integrity of the jawbone. At Beverly Hills Periodontist and Dental Implants, our implants are made from medical-grade titanium which fuse with your jawbone and stabilize and stimulate it so it remains dense and in its original dimension. This will create a permanent end to the problems you’ve faced as a result of missing teeth.

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