What Obstacles Do You Face as a Result of Missing Teeth?

The best answer for why you should consider replacing your missing teeth is that you have faced obstacles every day as a result of your less-than-perfect mouth. Dental implants in West Los Angeles may be the answer to your problem if you want to permanently solve this dilemma of missing or failing teeth, with the help of Beverly Hills Periodontist and Implant Center. After all, the only permanent solution for missing teeth is dental implants, which are a significant dental innovation of our time.

Problems that people with missing teeth are accustomed to facing include:

  • Malnutrition, due to the difficulty in effectively chewing and eating food.
  • Premature Aging, as the bone surrounding the missing teeth begins to melt away. Dental implants can halt this process and stop bone loss in the chin and jaw.
  • Jawbone Deterioration. Missing teeth cause the jawbone to gradually dissolve due to lack of stimulation.

Patients facing periodontal disease in Beverly Hills often require extensive dental work to repair damaged teeth, gums and other problems of the maxillofacial region (jawbone area and adjacent structures). Implants are a good way to help preserve the jawbone, which can become vulnerable once teeth are lost. However, once BH Periodontist fixed your missing tooth problem, you can get back to being yourself again and smiling as you once did. If you’re ready to make a change by replacing your missing or failing teeth, look no further than BH Periodontist, West Los Angeles‘ best periodontal office in all of Greater Los Angeles.

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