Get Gum Contouring Surgery in Beverly Hills

Get Gum Contouring Surgery in Beverly Hills

Gum contouring surgery for Beverly Hills and Los Angeles area patients might sound a bit technical, but the whole purpose is simply to correct problems and give patients an aesthetically appealing set of gums. At Beverly Hills Periodontics & Dental Implant Center, Dr. Peiman Soleymani routinely and expertly performs cosmetic gum surgery, creating healthy and beautiful smiles for his patients and earning himself a reputation as one of the top periodontists in the area with an eye for aesthetics.

What Causes Gum Abnormalities?

If you’re wondering what causes aesthetically unappealing recessed gums in the first place, the reasons generally boil down to two things: natural aging and poor dental hygiene. Aging is unavoidable, but cosmetic gum surgery can certainly reverse some of the most dramatic effects, and that definitely includes recessed gums. Poor dental hygiene, on the other hand, is more controllable but its effects can also be treated once the damage has been done. Lax oral hygiene essentially allows bacteria that attack the gums and teeth to fester. Periodontal services can restore gums to their natural appearance while better hygiene habits can help prevent recurrences of maladies.

What Can Our Patients Expect During Gum Surgery?

As with any periodontal or dental surgery such as dental implants, patients can expect exceptional care from our entire staff. Dr. Soleymani is one of the most respected periodontists and implant specialists in Southern California and nationwide. He is a noted teacher in the fields at the finest dental programs in Los Angeles and his patients are typically thrilled with their outcomes.

Nervous About Treatment?

Gum contouring surgery typically requires only a local anesthesia but our office also offers IV sedation for patients who may be especially anxious. We want all our patients to feel as comfortable as possible throughout their entire experience, so for those who feel especially uneasy with periodontal treatments, full sedation may be an option.

Get Started

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