Your Los Angeles Periodontist Can Spot the Signs of Gum Disease

Your Los Angeles Periodontist Can Spot the Signs of Gum Disease

Gum disease can’t be ignored. While its early signs may not seem like urgent matters, diseases of the gums can quickly become a serious threat to your oral health and overall wellbeing. Fortunately, seeing a periodontist – i.e., a gum health specialist – can put you on the right back on the path to healthy gums and teeth.

Why Is Treating Gum Disease So Important?

In terms of oral health, advanced gum disease (medically known as periodontitis or periodontal disease) can cause the progression of bone loss leading to mobile and misaligned teeth. If gum disease is left unchecked, one or multiple teeth can be lost as result. Worse: there is increasing evidence that gum disease is associated with life-threatening illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s.

A Periodontist Can Spot the Early Signs of Gum Disease and Treat It

Some of the signs of periodontal disease are obvious: bleeding, halitosis (persistent bad breath), swollen, and/or recessed gums; chronic pain or discomfort in the jaw, heightened tooth sensitivity, and more. However, gum disease can also develop without the patient noticing for weeks or even months.

A periodontist can spot the less noticeable signs of gum disease and prescribe an early course of treatment that may prevent the disease from progressing. If these preliminary treatments fail to eliminate the problem, more advanced methods such as laser gum surgery can be explored too. In either case, an outstanding periodontist is well-equipped to handle even the more severe gum illnesses.

Do You Need a Periodontist in Los Angeles?

If you’re looking for a periodontist in Los Angeles, Dr. Peiman Soleymani of Beverly Hills Periodontics & Dental Implant Center is your best option. One of the foremost periodontal experts in the Greater Los Angeles area and well beyond, Dr. Soleymani has the experience, knowledge, and overall expertise to make sure your gums are properly treated so you can get the most out of your life.

For more info on Dr. Soleymani or periodontal problems – or if you are interested in obtaining dental implants – visit our contact page or call the number on your screen!

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